Last Thursday, June 25, was the final day for WBZ anchorman Jack Williams after 40 years at that station. I enjoyed watching him since I was a college student at Emerson back in the 1980s. Good Luck, Jack, with retirement!

I once met Jack at an charity event that was hosted by Charles Laquidara back on December 17, 1998 (which was my birthday)! I was so thrilled to meet Jack!

Here are the highlights of Jack’s final broadcast!

Happy 73rd Birthday, Paul McCartney!

My favorite Beatle celebrates his birthday today! Many Happy Returns, Paul! Hope you have a wonderful day! As we all know, he was in a band called the Beatles and then another band called Wings.

My DJ mentor, Joe Martelle, celebrates his big day! Don’t eat too much cake, Joe!


Joe worked in various markets through his career before retiring a decade ago: Portland, Maine; Boston, MA; Houston, Texas; and West Palm Beach, Florida.

In 2012, he wrote his book, Radio Pro, which tells about his long career in radio and how to break in and survive in the radio business.

Here’s a sample of the songs he played:

Anne Meara (September 20, 1929 – May 23, 2015) was wife of Jerry Stiller and mother of Ben Stiller. She had a very long career in television, stage, and film.

Grace Lee Whitney (April 1, 1930 – May 1, 2015) appeared during the first season of Star Trek back in 1966 as Yeoman Janice Rand before being fired from the show. She later appeared in the Star Trek films playing her character. She also appeared in on other television shows like The Outer Limits, movies like Some Like It Hot, and on Broadway in shows like Top Banana. She even had a career as a singer.

Suzanne Crough (March 6, 1963 – April 27, 2015) played Tracy Partridge on The Partridge Family back in the early 1970s. It is her best known role.

Happy 98th Birthday, Dean Martin!

(Born: Dino Paul Crocetti, June 7, 1917 – Died December 25, 1995)

Wherever you are, Dean, somebody loves you all the time!
Miss you here on Earth! That’s amore!

I have been so busy offline with health and family matters.

Back on May 22, I went in for my colonoscopy. I did the three day prep diet that included Magnesium Citrate to taken the night before and hours before the procedure. I was sedated, but things got screwy when the doctor put the tiny camera in me. I kept waking up in pain during this, and my colon, despite the prep I did, wasn’t fully cleared of stool. In fact, there was some food in there that I ate almost a week before the colonoscopy still in me. Yuck!

The doctor told me that I was one of the 5% of the people that the 3 day prep for colonoscopy doesn’t work on. Now, I have to do a week long prep before I go for my second colonoscopy in September. Bummer!

Another situation is that my late father left me, my three older siblings, my three nieces, and my nephew some money in an IRA account. My older sister did not tell me how soon I should send the paperwork with my signature on it to the person who is handling the account. She sent me one email the night before my colonoscopy asking if I sent in the papers. I emailed back to her that I had been busy with other things and would send them in within a week. Then, two days after Memorial Day, my sister emailed me again asking the same question all over again as though she ignored my email of last week. I sent another one telling her that I didn’t know there was a deadline and that there was no return envelope for the papers so that I had to get a big envelope to mail it to the person handling my father’s IRA. My sister’s next email showed that she seemed pissed off at me accusing me that I had been disrespectful to her and our late parents during their final years. She also claimed she was a good person because she is a social worker and helped people.

It’s a long story, but my older sister is very mean to me for being different, despite the fact that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I wrote a 3rd email to her telling her that I know that she has been a very abusive person to me for most of my life and not being helpful to me when I needed help and that I wasn’t going to tolerate her bs anymore. She stopped emailing me at that point.

Last night, my older brother told me on the phone that our sister didn’t tell us that the person handling Daddy’s IRA account needed all our paperwork back immediately so that the account can be closed and all the checks can be mailed out at the same time.

Go Ahead and Make it His Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday, Clint Eastwood!

Clint just celebrated his 85th birthday on May 31. Hope you made someone’s day, Clint! He got his start on the TV show Rawhide before he hit it big in the movies as the man with no name and Dirty Harry.


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