Happy 84th Birthday, Leonard Nimoy!

It’s very sad that he died a month before his birthday. People are remembering him today.

William Shatner Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Comicbook.com “Remembering Leonard Nimoy On His Birthday”

Los Angeles Times “Remembering Leonard Nimoy on His Birthday: Spock’s Legacy Lives On, and We Prosper”

Tyler Gets His Day!

Happy Birthday, Steven Tyler!

The lead singer of Aerosmith is having his birthday today! Party on, Steven!

Happy Belated Birthday, Sir Elton John!

Elton celebrated his birthday yesterday. Hope he had a great time with David and the kids and took a break from feuding with those fashion designers.

Charles Laquidara was a disc jockey in Boston at WBCN-FM and WZlX-FM for 30 years before he retired in 2000. Today, he lives in Maui, Hawaii. He has a spring message for us.


Happy 84th Birthday, William Shatner!

The actor, author, and singer celebrated his 84th on Sunday. Hope you had a great day yesterday, Captain! He is best remembered for, of course, Star Trek. He also starred on TJ Hooker, Rescue 911, and Boston Legal. He has a lengthy resume. Google him.

My Aunt Lou

Been feeling very depressed the last few days. Last Wednesday, my aunt Lou, my late mother’s younger sister, died from the rare autoimmune disease (Dermatomyositis) she had been fighting since last June. This happened two days before her birthday. I have spent the weekend making flight arrangements to go to Texas later this week for the funeral.

I am very sad because Lou was more like an older sister to me, especially while I was growing up. We always had the same love for rock music bands like U2 and TV shows like the Monkees and Starsky and Hutch. We always felt a connection to each other that was great and loving.

I feel upset that now she is gone at such a young age.

Happy 70th Birthday, Micky Dolenz!

Spend the past weekend feeling sad and also sick (Thanks to the cold air and snow). I even met Leonard Nimoy at a Star Trek convention in Boston back in 1997 and got his autograph on a photo of him and William Shatner dressed as their Star Trek characters from the original series. William Shatner’s autograph is also on the photo because I got his autograph at a convention later that year. That photo sits on my wall above my bed.

I read all the online tributes over the weekend and realized once again how Leonard Nimoy touched and influenced many lives for nearly 50 years. He not only acted, but he also directed, wrote poetry, and sang. That guy was amazing! He made Boston famous because of his role of Spock.

He will be greatly missed as he travels through the final frontier.

Also, Leonard Nimoy played a guy called Paris on Mission:Impossible!



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