I Wrote a New BOOK!!!!

I’ve been working on this secret project for more than a year just after I bought my laptop computer back in December 2015.  The new book is called:

The Outside In View of Uncommon Bostonian: 

What a Autistic Black Woman Sees

I went to the publisher called BookBaby to create both a paperback book and an ebook.  It includes the blog posts I made when the orignal Uncommon Bostonian blog was connected to The Boston Now dailey newspaper back in 2007 to 2008.  It also has some of the essays I’ve written in recent years and some of my black and white paintings that I made in the last couple of years.  I write about the Beatles, the soap One Live to Live, the Dave Clark Five, the Monkees, and other things.  I created the artwork on the cover.  It’s my Purple Haze painting.

Go to this link to purchase your copy:


Here’s a picture of both the front and back cover of the paperback.

AJM0109 Digest-Soft-Cover

Or: You can click on this picture to gain access to the book.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Roy Orbison

Remembering Lefty Wilbury, better know as Roy Orbison on his birthday (April 23, 1936). He left us when he was only 52 years old due to a heart attack on December 6, 1988. He made great music on this Earth before he died. He was also a member of the Traveling Wilburys.

Here are some videos and picture of Roy!

I Write Because I Wanted Acceptance! I Want More!

I decided to become a writer when I was a teenager back when I was still in high school in Maryland. People were always taking issue over the fact I was (and still am) different. Of course, it would take another 20 years before I learned that I was autistic. I wanted to be a journalist because I could report to the public about the big strange world that we live in.

It seemed perfect to go to college at Emerson in the city of Boston. They were (and still are) a college of communications and theater. I got to do a lot of things including journalism. I imagined that I would be working somewhere in the huge world of journalism. However, that field was really small and had to follow certain rules (the ones that I could not understand or realize because I am autistic). It became impossible to earn money as a writer or a journalist despite all the efforts I put into it.

Was the goal to high? I didn’t think so. I created 2 blogs that are both have a lot of posts, but in recent years I don’t post as much. I haven’t lost the passion for writing (I write in my personal journals, but I’m not going to post them here or at the other blog). I had to deal with things in the real world outside of the internet. Also, I rather get paid for blogging than blog for free.

I certainly have the experience to write a blog. Hell, I have this one and other one (Uncommon Bostonian). I just have to figure out a way to get paid for writing and that keeps me from blogging for free here.

But don’t get me wrong I am not giving up blogging.

A Belated Birthday to Bon, Simon LeBon!

Yesterday, Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon celebrated his 64th birthday! Hope you had a great day, Simon!

This was a great video they did for Roger Moore’s final James Bond movie, A View To A Kill! This movie co-starred Grace Jones as a female villain! Great times back in the 1980s.

Happy 82nd Birthday, John Lennon

The late Beatle would have been 82 years old. It’s upsetting that he could have been writing more and making more music if he hadn’t been cruelly murdered back in 1980.

I added this video because John advocated for world peace. As I am writing up this post, I am watching the news and the first story they report is about a murder-suicide in Kingston, MA. Sadly, the world is still very violent.

So I Have Been Busy!

It’s been tough for me as an Autistic Black woman living in Boston calling herself Uncommon Bostonian. I have been trying all summer to find a new place in the state of Massachusetts, but to quote U2 I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. It sucks to start the Fall still staying at a place that I wish I hadn’t moved into (It’s an okay place, but this is not the apartment of my dreams).

It’s tough to work at a place that don’t appreciate my greater talents. They criticize me about my lesser talents (I don’t give a shit about what I am not good about).

Being organized is a challenge for any autistic person whether they are a child or a grown up. I hate it that some parents of autistics refer to their offspring as “adult child,” even though he/she is older than 21 years old. It’s time for society to change the definition of what “grown up” is.

I plan to type more in this blog soon as I come up with a schedule of when it’s a good time to write in this blog and my other one (Uncommon Bostonian).

Expect changes to the blogs.

Enjoy the art I made recently.