I Wrote a New BOOK!!!!

I’ve been working on this secret project for more than a year just after I bought my laptop computer back in December 2015.  The new book is called:

The Outside In View of Uncommon Bostonian: 

What a Autistic Black Woman Sees

I went to the publisher called BookBaby to create both a paperback book and an ebook.  It includes the blog posts I made when the orignal Uncommon Bostonian blog was connected to The Boston Now dailey newspaper back in 2007 to 2008.  It also has some of the essays I’ve written in recent years and some of my black and white paintings that I made in the last couple of years.  I write about the Beatles, the soap One Live to Live, the Dave Clark Five, the Monkees, and other things.  I created the artwork on the cover.  It’s my Purple Haze painting.

Go to this link to purchase your copy:


Here’s a picture of both the front and back cover of the paperback.

AJM0109 Digest-Soft-Cover

Or: You can click on this picture to gain access to the book.


A Very Traveling Wilbury Birthday

Happy 83rd Birthday in Heaven, Roy Orbison! (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988)

Roy would have celebrated his 83rd today.  Instead, he’s celebrating in Heaven with George Harrison and Tom Petter, his fellow deceased Traveling Wilburys.

Mick Jagger on the Mend, But Ozzy and Stevie are Sick

Last week, lead singer of The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger had successful heart surgery. A value was repaired. Mick should be home from the hospital soon. The Rolling Stones had to postpone their upcoming American tour. It’s expected to start in July.

Ozzy Osborne has postponed all his 2019 concerts because of a fall he suffered recently that aggravated his injuries from his 2003 ATV accident. He had surgery for that last month and needs to spend time this year to recover.

Stevie Nicks became ill with the flu forcing her band Fleetwood Mac to postpone their second Boston concert last week. Now, it’s been announced that they have to postpone the remaining dates of their tour.

What a drag it is to be old!

Remembering John Candy 25 Years Later!

25 years have passed since John Candy died.  Ryan Reynolds created this tribute video of him on his Twitter page.  It’s very good!

Happy 76th By George!

Happy 76th Birthday, George Harrison! (February 25, 1943 – November 29, 2001)

The youngest Beatle would have been 76 years old, but he died of cancer in 2001,  Why can’t we come up with a cure for cancer?  Unfortunately, we argue over too many things that doesn’t help make cancer go away for good.

As we all know, George started his musical career with the Beatles, went solo, formed the Traveling Wilburys, and went solo again.  You are greatly missed, George!