Spend the past weekend feeling sad and also sick (Thanks to the cold air and snow). I even met Leonard Nimoy at a Star Trek convention in Boston back in 1997 and got his autograph on a photo of him and William Shatner dressed as their Star Trek characters from the original series. William Shatner’s autograph is also on the photo because I got his autograph at a convention later that year. That photo sits on my wall above my bed.

I read all the online tributes over the weekend and realized once again how Leonard Nimoy touched and influenced many lives for nearly 50 years. He not only acted, but he also directed, wrote poetry, and sang. That guy was amazing! He made Boston famous because of his role of Spock.

He will be greatly missed as he travels through the final frontier.

Also, Leonard Nimoy played a guy called Paris on Mission:Impossible!


Happy Birthday, George!

Happy Birthday, George Harrison (February 25, 1943 – November 29, 2001)!

The quiet Beatle would have been 72 years old today. Damn I hate cancer! He left us with a ton of great music though.

RIP, Gary Owens!

I’m a little late with my tribute, but he was one of my favorite announcers. Gary Owens passed away on February 12 at the age of 80. I cried when I heard the news. I was spending that weekend feeling sad and also trying to stay warm from the cold air and snow.

I have watched Gary Owens since I was a little kid when he was the announcer for Laugh-In. He also used his voice for cartoons. He was Space Ghost in the 1960s and The Blue Falcon (Dynomutt’s sidekick) in 19702. His Space Ghost was so popular that the cartoon character ended up on Adult Swim in Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

He had a damned good voice.

Rest in peace, Gary Owens!

Have An Ono Day!

Happy Birthday, Yoko Ono Lennon!

The widow of John Lennon is celebrating her birthday. Many happy returns, Yoko!

Sad news! Lesley Gore has died of lung cancer on Monday. She was 68 years old. Grew up listening her music. Her song, It’s My Party, is a classic song! Everybody knows that song.

She played Pussycat, Catwoman’s sidekick, on Batman!

The last two weeks have been a roller-coaster for me. I have felt sick and sometimes felt better. Boston has been bitch-slapped with a lot of snowstorms and bitter cold weather in the last few weeks.

Tomorrow, we’re going to get another blizzard that will it hit us with another foot of snow and then the temperature will go down into the single digits.

Wish I was on vacation back in Key West, Florida!

Happy Birthday, Ray Manzarek of the Doors! (February 12, 1939 – May 20, 2013)

The co-founder and keyboardist of the Doors had a birthday last Thursday. He would have been 76 years old. Sadly, he passed nearly two years ago battling cancer. I met him a few times over the years and watched him perform in concert. He was a very talented guy.

Happy Birthday, Peter Tork of the Monkees!

Peter, my favorite Monkee, celebrated his birthday on Friday the 13th. I heard he had a great time. No bad luck for him. I also have met him several times in the past.


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