Thank You Very Much for Your Birthday, Catwoman!

Happy 84th Birthday, Julie Newmar!

Today is Julie’s 84 birthday!  Her most recognizable role is that of Catwoman on the 1966 series, Batman.  Hope your meowing at your gifts, Julie!

Julie also guest-starred on Star Trek.

Julie shows off her piano playing on My Living Doll, a TV series that she did with Bob Cummings.

Last but not lease, Julie made a guest appearance on The Monkees.

Huey B-Day

Happy Birthday, Huey Lewis!

Huey is one of my favorite singers.  He’s having his day.  Note: His real name is Hugh Anthony Cregg III!


Just saw Huey Lewis and the News back on June 20 at the House of Blues in Boston.  It was a great show!!! I had a great time!  This is one of my photos of Huey at that show!