To Julie Newmar, Meow Meow Meow Meow!

Happy 83rd Birthday, Julie Newmar!

The actress best know as Catwoman on the 1960s Batman show. Hope you have a great day, Julie. She made appearances in other TV shows and movies in her long career. I’ve had the pleasure to meet her a couple of times at conventions.


To Catwoman, Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday, Julie Newmar!

TV’s Catwoman celebrated her 82nd birthday yesterday. Hope you had a great day, Julie! She appeared on the 1960s Batman show as the Catwoman, queen of crime. She was always flirting with Batman (Adam West).

Catwoman and her Pussycat (Leslie Gore) make Robin into a bad guy

Catwoman wants to shoot Batman but doesn’t want to

Catwoman plans the Purrfect crime

Black Cat Helps Boy With Asperger’s

Black cats are good luck for people with Asperger’s Syndrome. Take the case of Andy the Black Cat who befriended Josh, a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. His grandmother, Kim Neff, brought home a stray cat one day. Almost immediately, Josh started to open up and bonded with the cat. He even named the cat Andy.

When Andy the Black Cat became ill, Josh and his grandmother were devastated. The surgery to help clear up Andy’s urinary blockage was expensive, and both Josh and his grandmother didn’t want Andy to die.

Fortunately, a fund created by a local animal shelter was able to pay for the surgery. Now, Andy and Josh are both happy once again.

Read this story on ABC NEWS website.

I find this story interesting because long before I was diagnosed with Aspeger’s Syndrome I had a black cat named Cap (named after the superhero called Captain America). Even though he wasn’t my first cat, he was wonderful to me for many years. I adopted Cap back in 1993 nearly ten years before I was diagnosed with Asperger’s and Non-Verbal Learning Disorder in 2002. Sadly, Cap died in 2008. I miss him very much.

In fact, I wrote his obituary in this very blog: Cap Christian RIP.

My Cat Rogue’s Adventure on the 5th Floor Ledge of My Condo’s Building

Wednesday morning, June 18, I woke up early and noticed that one of my cats, Rogue, was missing. She is usually in my bedroom when I wake up, but she wasn’t. I searched my whole condo for her before I went back to my bedroom where I saw my other cat Destiny step out from behind the bedroom curtain which happens to be her usual sleeping place in the morning. Then, Destiny jumped back behind the curtain. I pulled back the curtain and noticed that the tiny square in the bedroom window screen was open.

I knew I didn’t leave that tiny screen square open because I had the window itself unlocked and open to let cool air into the bedroom just before I went to bed. Then, I heard Rogue meowing outside the window on the ledge just below the window. My bedroom is on the 5th floor.

Panicked, I ran out of my condo down to the first floor to the condo’s building manager and knocked on his door, but he wasn’t answering. Then, I ran upstairs to get my keys and ran back downstairs with my keys going out the front door and into the parking lot beside the building where my window faces. I looked up and saw Rogue walking around a neighbor’s window air conditioner on the 5th floor ledge.

“Rogue, what are you doing?” I yelled at her.

Then, I saw one of my neighbors who lives on my floor approached me. He was in his pajamas and told me he heard her meowing outside his window a few minutes ago. I was totally freaking out. I then rushed back into the building and went up the stairs (there’s no elevator in this building) to get my cell phone to call the fire department.

However, the fire department was no help because they didn’t do animal rescues. I had to call the animal rescue league for help, but their offices weren’t open. I kept calling 911 back, but the 911 operator told me that they left a message with the animal rescue people to call me. I also called the animal rescue again to leave a message because their office opens at 9:30 am. It was just after 5:30 am when I called the fire department and the rescue league about Rogue being on the 5th floor ledge.

I had to wait for the animal rescue people to call me at 9:30 am. They called and said they were on their way to my condo. I had to call them again around 10:30 am because they hadn’t shown up. Meanwhile, my neighbor had to go to work at Mass General (he’s a doctor). I left a voice mail with them and then someone called me back and told me that they were coming from Dedham, which is outside of Boston. The man on the phone showed up after 11:00 am.

We searched the ledge by peering from my small bedroom window for Rogue, but we couldn’t see her anywhere on the ledge. We went outside and walked around the outside of the entire building trying to see where she was. We even looked around on the ground for her. The animal rescue man called another rescue worker for help and he showed up about 10 minutes later and helped with looking for Rogue on the ledge. Rogue is a small Tortie (half tab/calico) cat and very muscular. We couldn’t spot her anywhere. We went inside and talked to another neighbor on my floor and looked through his window to see if we could locate her.

One of the animal rescue workers left his business cards in the doors of my other neighbors on my floor to contact him if they see Rogue outside their bedroom windows. He and his fellow animal rescue worker left after searching for Rogue for 2 1/2 hours.

The building manager showed up in the evening, went on the roof of the building, and looked down at the 5th floor ledge, but he didn’t see Rogue anywhere.

I was very stressed out that whole day. Fortunately, at 4:30 am the next day, June 19, my doctor neighbor caught Rogue scratching on his bedroom window and brought her over to my condo. She was safe and sound after being missing for a whole day. She was also very hungry. Both Destiny and I were very relieved.