The King of Comics Would Have Been 100 This Week

Happy Belated 100 Birthday, Jack Kirby!

The most famous of all comic book artists would have been 100 years old yesterday.  He left this world for the cosmos back on February 6, 1994.  Greatly missed!

He is responsible for creating a lot of Marvel and DC comics characters.  Too many to list, but he co-created Captain America along with Joe Simon back in the early 1940s.

Jack Kirby and characters


FP and NGs







Busy Summer Keeping Me From Blogging

Here I am today at the WordCamp Boston 2016 (#WCBOS) gathering at Boston University. I just blogged about the passing of legendary television/movie producer Garry Marshall in the previous post while eating my lunch at this event.

I have been going to an art class on Tuesday nights which started back on June 14. I am having a good time at it, but it’s very exhausting because I go from work directly to the class in Cambridge. The last class is on August 2.

I’ve been working on a special project for the last few months. I don’t want to go into detail yet here about what it is until I have something set in stone about when I can promote it. That’s been keeping me from blogging.

Also, I have gotten sick twice since the summer has started which is not good.

On top of that, I bought a new microwave oven. The old one was very old and slowly dying on me. You wouldn’t believe how old it was. I actually bought it at Lechmere’s department store a long time ago.

We’re having a heatwave in Boston, as well as the rest of the country. Who wants to sit over a hot computer?

Uforge Gallery’s New Exhibit: Identity

My new painting called “Where My Mind is at Now – June 23, 2014” will be appearing at UFORGE Gallery’s July exhibit, “Identity”. Please, check it out.

Here’s some info:


7/10 – 8/4/14: Show Opens/Closes

7/10/14: Public Reception, 6-8pm

UFORGE Gallery is a fine art gallery and creative space that provides non-juried group exhibits displaying artwork from artists at all levels in their career. My artwork along with many others will be on view beginning Thursday, July 10 through Sunday, August 4, 2014. The gallery is open Thursday and Friday from 5-8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-6pm. A public reception will be held on Thursday, April 10, from 6-8pm. If you are in the area, please consider stopping by and viewing my work.


AANE Artist Collaborative on Film!

Last Fall, the AANE Artist Collaborative (I’m a member of this group) took part of the Watertown Open Studios. A short film was made during that weekend. I show up talking about one of my paintings called The Wild Side (In Memory of Lou Reed).

Check out our Website:


Damn! It’s Been A Busy Week for This Aspie!

I haven’t had the chance to do any posts on my two blogs at all because I got busy with so many other things. At other times, I felt tired and sick (thanks to PMS). Also, I feel frustrated that I can’t make any simple changes to my life except for adopting cats like Rogue and Destiny.

Last Saturday, I went to the Star Trek convention at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. What a zoo that was! At least, I got to see a bunch of my favorite Star Trek celebs!

Sunday, I was very exhausted from the convention I went to. However, AANE was having their grand opening of their art gallery which featured 3 of my paintings. I got good reviews for my artworks, but nothing of mine sold. 😦

Monday, I had work and felt tired. That night, I still felt very tired.

Tuesday night after work, I went over to the Kendall Square Theatre in Cambridge through a heavy downpour of rain to see the 48 Hour project film festival. I had a great time there watching 7 minute films that were made in one weekend in May. Someone I know in the Boston Media Makers had her film in the contest, and her film won a few awards.

Wednesday, I went to see my social worker who I started see last fall in hopes that he can help me make changes in my life and career. So far, no changes have happened. Then, I went to the store.

Thursday, I went to the OB/GYN office at Beth Israel Hospital for a consultation and to schedule a second biopsy on my uterus because I have been experiencing irregular bleeding. I was there almost all day because the OB/GYN doctor I was seeing wouldn’t schedule the second biopsy until she could examine my vagina (the previous OB/GYN doctor had examined it at least 3 times already and did the first biopsy which didn’t get enough tissue). The exam rooms were all busy that morning. After 1:15 in the afternoon, she finally saw my vagina for 5 minutes and then scheduled the 2nd biopsy for next Wednesday.

I missed a day at work (no big deal because I don’t like my job, but it does give me health benefits). Thursday night, I went over to the Brattle and saw DJango Unchained. Great movie!

Sure wish I had some free time to blog more.


My Painting that was part of the JP TO ME: Origin Exhibit

Here’s my painting that was on display at UForge gallery in Jamaica Plain as part of the JP to Me exhibit last month. It’s called A Jamaica Rum Colored Plain.

Jamaica Rum CP


My 2 Art Pieces that were part of the Grayscale Exhibit

These are the two paintings that I had on display at the UForge Gallery last month: Bits & Pieces and Obsession.

Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces