Buddy Would Have Been 81 Years Old

Happy 81st Birthday, Buddy Holly! (September 7, 1936 – February 3, 1959)

Buddy would have been his 81st Birthday today, but a terrible plane crash ended his young life.  He has been an influence to many musicians and singers.


The King of Comics Would Have Been 100 This Week

Happy Belated 100 Birthday, Jack Kirby!

The most famous of all comic book artists would have been 100 years old yesterday.  He left this world for the cosmos back on February 6, 1994.  Greatly missed!

He is responsible for creating a lot of Marvel and DC comics characters.  Too many to list, but he co-created Captain America along with Joe Simon back in the early 1940s.

Jack Kirby and characters

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FP and NGs

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Remembering Jerry Lewis

It was more than a week ago when Jerry Lewis passed away in his Las Vegas home at the age of 91.  He was a legendary comedian, actor, singer, etc.  He hosted his self named telethon for many years.  He was the former partner of Dean Martin.  In fact, he and Dean reunited on the telethon in 1976.

It’s been a pretty sad summer.  So many losses in pop culture.  We’ve lost Bill Dana, June Foray, Stephen Furst, and Jay Thomas in the last few months.

I remember seeing a lot of Jerry Lewis in movies that I watched on TV while I was growing up during the 1970s.  Also, I saw Jerry pop up through a window on Batman.


Happy Birthday, Bill!

Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton!

The former President of the United States is celebrating today.  Hope you’re having fun, Bill!  I met him once several years ago at a book signing.  He was very nice to me.

Bill Clinton

Recently, Bill was in Texas with former President George W. Bush and posed with the two statues of George W. and his daddy, George H. W. Bush.

bill-clinton Between 2 Bushes