Been Preoccupied With Other Stuff!

Wow! November’s almost over!  I have been away from blogging here because I was very distracted with taking care of myself and my cats.  It’s been a sad month!  Especially the last couple of weeks.

Rest in peace, John Hillerman (actor who played Higgins on Magnum PI), Malcolm Young of AC/DC, Della Reese (actress and singer), and David Cassidy.

I did get to see Gary Puckett in concert last Sunday night at the Wolf Den in Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.  It was a nice road trip, but driving is exhausting in the long run.

Haven’t had time to write happy birthday in heaven for Robert Vaughn of Man From Uncle fame yet.  It would have been his 85th birthday last Wednesday, November, 22.  Sadly, he passed away last year on November 11.

Hopefully, I can catch up this weekend on what I want to post here while we go into December 2017!

Yet, I can’t resist the urge to post a video or two here.



Fonz Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Henry Winkler!

The actor/producer/children’s author is celebrating his day today.  Hope you had fun today, Henry!  As we all know, he played the Fonz on Happy Days.  He also produced the original MacGyver and starred on Arrested Development.