85 for 99!

Happy 85th Birthday, Barbara Feldon of Get Smart!

Would you believe the actress known as Control Agent 99 is celebrating her 85th birthday?  Hope you’re having a great day, Barbara!

One of the TV commercials she did before Get Smart


Micky Gets His Monkee Day

Happy 73rd Birthday, Micky Dolenz of the Monkees!

The lead singer of the 60s group that had their own TV show and a cult movie called Head is celebrating his 73rd.  Hope you have a great day Micky!

On March 16, Micky will be doing a concert at Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den in the evening.  The show starts at 8 pm.

Coming in June, he and fellow Monkee Michael Nesmith will be doing a two man tour. It’s called The Monkees Present: The Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz Show.

Details here: https://www.monkeeslivealmanac.com/the-monkees-present-the-mike-nesmith–micky-dolenz-show.html

Mike & Micky

Event on March 8: International Women’s Day Rally and March in Boston

Just giving a heads up for people in the Boston area.  Thursday (after the snowstorm is over), an ad-hoc group that I am part of are hosting a rally and march for International Women’s Day at Copley Square in Boston in the evening around 5:30 pm.  We will be having guest speakers and an open mic for others who want to voice their beliefs and truths.  I will be one of the hosts and guest speakers.  I will mention that disabled women (including autistic/asperger’s women) have rights too.

Stand up and fight for women’s rights!

For more details, check out our Facebook event page:



Another Member of M*A*S*H Has Died! RIP, David Ogden Stiers!

Sad news tonight! David Ogden Stiers played Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, the actor who replaced Larry Linville’s Major Frank Burns on M*A*S*H has died of cancer at the age of 75.  He remained with the show right up to the final episode.  Unlike his predecessor’s character, Major Winchester was a very capable and talented surgeon.  He was a great nemesis to Hawkeye and BJ (Alan Alda and Mike Farrell) when he came on, but later on he became more of a friend than an enemy to them.

After the sitcom ended, Stiers appeared on other TV shows and movies including Fraiser and the Disney animated movie Beauty and the Beast.  In 2009, he came out as gay.

He’ll be greatly missed.

Major Winchester

In recent years, the cast has lost Wayne Rogers (Trapper John), Alan Arbus (Sidney Freeman), and William Christopher (Father Mulcahy).



Happy Birthday Fats, Van, and Brian!

Some end of the month birthdays to mention:

Happy 90th Birthday, Fats Domino! (February 26, 1928 – October 24, 2017)


Fats would have 90 this week!  He gave us great music!

Happy 84th Birthday, Van Williams! (February 27, 1934 – November 28, 2016)

The actor who was the Green Hornet would have been 84 years old.  He left a big sting on pop culture when he teamed up with Bruce Lee (Kato) for that TV show.

Happy 76th Birthday, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones! (February 28, 1942 – July 3, 1969)

An original member of the Rolling Stones would have been 76 years old.  Rocking in Heaven!


A Couple of Belated Beatle Birthdays

I’ve been busy when their birthdays came up that I wasn’t able to blog about them! Also, I was sick with the flu last Sunday night!

Beatles and Yoko

Photo by Consequence of Sound

Happy 85th Birthday, Yoko Ono!

The widow of Beatle John Lennon celebrated her 85th Birthday back on February 18.  Hope you had a great time, Yoko!

Happy 75th Birthday, George Harrison!  (February 25, 1943 -November 30, 2001)

The Quiet Beatle celebrated his 75th birthday in heaven with John Lennon, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty.  At least, that’s what I would like to think how George celebrated.  Wonder if he ever found out if he was really born on February 24 or 25 (George found a copy of  his brith certificate a few years before he died, but his older sister insists that he was born on February 25.)


Happy Birthday, Peter Tork! My Favorite Monkee!

Happy 76th Birthday, Peter Tork!

My favorite Monkee and the frontman of Shoe Suede Blues is celebrating his day.  Recently, Peter and his band released a new album called Relax Your Mind: Honoring the Music of Lead Belly.  Available at CD Baby:


Relax Your Mind

Here’s a song off that new CD called Black Betty