Happy Birthday, Bill!

Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton!

The former President of the United States is celebrating today.  Hope you’re having fun, Bill!  I met him once several years ago at a book signing.  He was very nice to me.

Bill Clinton

Recently, Bill was in Texas with former President George W. Bush and posed with the two statues of George W. and his daddy, George H. W. Bush.

bill-clinton Between 2 Bushes

Thank You Very Much for Your Birthday, Catwoman!

Happy 84th Birthday, Julie Newmar!

Today is Julie’s 84 birthday!  Her most recognizable role is that of Catwoman on the 1966 series, Batman.  Hope your meowing at your gifts, Julie!

Julie also guest-starred on Star Trek.

Julie shows off her piano playing on My Living Doll, a TV series that she did with Bob Cummings.

Last but not lease, Julie made a guest appearance on The Monkees.

Dr. Doom Movie Star?

It seems that, instead of another Fantastic Four Movie, 20th Century Fox is going to try a stand alone movie featuring their archenemy, Dr. Doom.  Legion showrunner Noah Hawley revealed this at the San Diego Comic Con last Thursday.

Full story is here at Newsarama’s website.  Doctor Doom Movie In Development at 20th Century Fox

Here’s a YouTube video explaining the origin of Doctor Doom.  It sounds like a good movie.


Rest In Peace, Martin Landau!

Very sad news that I heard on Sunday night!  Actor Martin Landau of Mission: Impossible and Space 1999 had died Saturday night after being taken to the hospital.  He also appeared in movies like North By Northwest, Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Ed Wood.  He earned an Oscar for playing the famous actor, Bela Lugosi, in Ed Wood.  He was 89 years old.