31 Years Since My Graduation Today From Emerson

It’s been a very long time since I graduated from college.  Didn’t do anything special at all tonight.  Earlier this week, I did see the Zombies in concert on Tuesday night.

Also, hours before the concert I went to see a doctor of orthopedics because I have been experiencing intense pain in my right knee for more than a month and have been having problems with my left knee for many months since I had the terrible fall back in December 2013 that sprained my left ankle.  X-rays were done and the doctor came to the conclusion that both my knees have arthritis.  He even said that it was worse in the right knee because it was injured in the car accident I was in way back in December 2004.  Btw, I still have problems with the herniated disk that developed after I had that car crash.

Now, I have to do physical therapy once again because the muscles in both my legs are tight, and I have had difficulty with doing my regular exercises lately. The doctor recommended a few places I can go to for the therapy, and I plan on calling them in the next few the days.  I just hate the fact that I have to do physical therapy again regarding that car accident.

I do plan on attending a few events during Emerson’s Alumni weekend at the beginning of June though. I’ll probably will be doing a lot of sitting down.  


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