Last Saturday night, I went over to the West End Museum in the West End of Boston to see Studio 2, a Beatles Tribute band. I bought a Tee shirt that had the Beatles on it because it’s the 50 anniversary of the Beatles invading Boston Garden back in 1964. The museum was celebrating the whole weekend.

After the concert, I went over to New York Pizza which is across from the Emerson Majestic Theater and encountered a couple who had just seen Nate Ruess in concert at the Wilbur theater on the next block. I was tired and didn’t recognize the name at first, but it sounded familiar (they didn’t mention that he was the lead sing of fun). We started talking about music in general and celebrities while sitting in New York Pizza.

It seems like the internet service is working at this moment. It’s just after midnight on September 16. Verizon is not doing a good job for me if my phone keeps going out and screwing up the internet service. I have called them more than once about this.

They said they fixed it last Thursday, and I was able to go onto the internet at home. I still want to upgrade this computer, but finding someone to help me with that has been difficult. What’s worse is that Verizon told me that I have an old router. I have had this one for almost 9 years.

I can’t wait until I am able to get a better computer and internet service.

Remembering Buddy Holly!

I’m a day late because that lightning storm over the weekend messed up both my phone and internet service. The Internet service is working now!

Happy Birthday, Buddy Holly!
(September 7, 1936 – February 3, 1959)

His music lives on!!!!

Very sad when I heard that Joan Rivers had passed away a week after she went into cardiac arrest while in the process of a vocal procedure. The clinic she went to is now under investigation.

Joan was in the entertainment business for 50 years and broke the glass ceiling for other female comedians. She is already greatly missed by many who have said their tributes to her.

I grew up watching her on TV. I saw the comedy, the controversy, and the drama.

Joan’s last appearance with Johnny Carson

Freddie would have been 68th today! :-(

He was a very talented singer and the frontman for Queen. He is greatly missed.

Ellen Notbohm’s August Newsletter gives advice about going back to school. It’s a Top Ten List that is helpful for principals who have students with autism with a lot of examples . I’ll mention the abridged version here, but you should check out Ellen’s website and sign up for her newsletter. Website: http://www.ellennotbohm.com

This is the direct link to the article to all the examples mentioned in the list:

Ten Things Parents of Children with Autism Want Principals to Know
(The Outside In Highlights of the list)

1. Listen, listen, listen. Listen more than you talk. Be present. Get to know each child as an individual.

2. We don’t expect you to be an autism expert, because true autism expertise is the sum of effective teamwork. But we do expect you to be curious about how your student with autism thinks, learns and processes language and the sensory world differently.

3. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Educating a child with autism is an investment in the future of a community.

4. Autism is not a “behavior disorder.”

5. Actively foster a school-wide environment that is inclusive and accepting of all students.

6. Acknowledge that no one knows the student better than the parents and family. Include them in all the aspects of the child’s education.

7. The safety of all students has to be a priority.

8. It should never be Us vs Them

9. Honor the IEP. Resist the urge to deny accommodations or supports that would “make the child stand out” to peers.

10. Take good care of yourself—and don’t take yourself too seriously!

WTF? I just came across People Magazine’s website that tells the story of Hello Kitty not being an actual cat. She’s really a person because she stands on two legs and not four!

Read the shocking truth at People Magazine’s website:



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