August 1 is the day for The Guardians of The Galaxy to crash into the movie theaters and wreck havoc on all of us! Wonder if the rumor about Howard The Duck making a cameo is true. I remember that back in 1986 his movie debuted on August 1 and bombed the following week. Never seen that movie though, so I don’t know if it was really bad or not.

Here are the 2 classic rock songs playing in the trailers.

Happy 71st Birthday, Mick Jagger!

The lead singer of the Rolling Stones is celebrating his b-day today! Many Happy Returns, Mick! Hope things are getting better for you after your girlfriend’s tragic suicide back in March.

I was so upset to hear about James Garner’s passing over the weekend that I cried. I grew up watching him on The Rockford Files during the 1970s and seeing him on the reruns of Maverick. I also enjoyed the movies he did, and the TV commercials he did with actress Mariette Hartley. He had a great career in show business.

Simply put, James Garner always put a smile on my face. I’m going to miss him very much. It was my parents, especially my mother, who got me hooked on The Rockford Files. My mother passed away in January this year.

Back in 1973, my mother took me to see a Disney film that starred James Garner called One Little Indian. We both had a good time watching him.

Sad to hear that the last original member of the Ramones has passed away. Tommy Ramone was 65 years old. Real Name: Thomas Erdelyi born in Hungary January 29, 1949. He had been fighting bile duct cancer in recent years.

His three band mates passed away before he did. Joey Ramone (Jeffrey Hyman) died in 2001, DeeDee Ramone (Douglas Colvin) in 2002, and Johnny Ramone (John Cummings) in 2004.

John Fogerty was excellent! It’s my second time seeing him in concert at the Pavilion (the first time was back in 1997 at the same venue. He was absolutely fantastic! Everyone was on their feet during the whole concert.

Happy Birthday, Alfred Preston Christian!
(July 13, 1961 – June 19, 1980)

My older brother would have been celebrating his 53rd b-day if he hadn’t died from a head injury that he received when his car crashed into a tree on Father’s day, June 15, 1980. He was unconscious the whole time he was in the hospital during the days after his accident until he died. The doctors were unable to heal the swelling in his brain.

Many times I have wondered what it had been like if Alfred hadn’t ended up deceased.

I had learned back in December that Alfred’s college roommate from his freshman year at University of Miami (August 1979 to May 1980) had died of cancer back in 2011. We hadn’t heard from Doug since 2010 so one of my older siblings contacted his family to find out what had happened to him.

This past January, our cousin Rosemary Christian had died from the result of a suicide. It happened a few days before our mother, Faye Christian, died after suffering for years from a series of strokes, high blood pressure, and dementia. Alfred was very close to cousin Rosemary and our mother.

At least, Alfred has some more company in heaven. Alfred was able to socialize with people because he did not have Asperger’s Syndrome like me. I don’t know what prevented him from having it because he did have the same vaccine shot I had (the vaccine cause is not true). Everybody was nice to Alfred, especially at school. However, those people at school treated me differently.

If Alfred had survived his head injury, he would have been brain-damaged. Would people treated him the same way?

My new painting called “Where My Mind is at Now – June 23, 2014″ will be appearing at UFORGE Gallery’s July exhibit, “Identity”. Please, check it out.

Here’s some info:


7/10 – 8/4/14: Show Opens/Closes

7/10/14: Public Reception, 6-8pm

UFORGE Gallery is a fine art gallery and creative space that provides non-juried group exhibits displaying artwork from artists at all levels in their career. My artwork along with many others will be on view beginning Thursday, July 10 through Sunday, August 4, 2014. The gallery is open Thursday and Friday from 5-8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-6pm. A public reception will be held on Thursday, April 10, from 6-8pm. If you are in the area, please consider stopping by and viewing my work.


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