Happy Birthday, Johnny Carson!
(October 23, 1925 – January 23, 2005)

The former host of The Tonight Show would have been 89 years old today. Sadly, he passed away nearly 10 years ago. Wish he quit smoking those cigarettes, but he was addicted to them.

Enjoyed watching him on TV though. He was damn funny!

The Birth of Petty

Happy Birthday, Tom Petty!

One of my favorite rockers is celebrating a birthday today! This is why October is referred to as Rocktober (So many rockers have birthdays this month, and I’ve only celebrated a few of them so far in this blog).

Hope you have a great birthday, Tom!

Happy Birthday, Gary Puckett!

One of my favorite rock legends is having a birthday on this day. Many happy returns, Gary! Hope you have a great day!

I managed to see Gary back in August at Mohegan Sun where he put on a great concert as usual. Well done, Gary!

Hard to believe that two James Bond villains have passed away.

Richard Kiel (September 13, 1939 – September 10, 2014) and Geoffrey Holder (August 1, 1930 – October 5, 2014)

Both men had long and very impressive careers as actors. Richard Kiel appeared as guest star in many television shows and movies, but he is best remembered as Jaws in two James Bond movies opposite Roger Moore: The Spy Who Love Me and Moonraker.

Geoffrey Holder appeared in Roger Moore’s first James Bond Movie Live and Let Die as Baron Samedi. He also did the 7Up Uncola commercials too. He appeared in many movies and television shows as well.

They’ll be greatly missed. RIP

The Asperger Association of New England is now known as the Asperger/Autism Network. It still has the AANE initials. The change happened on October 1.

Here’s the copy of the email I got from Dania Jekel about the name change.

Dear AANE Members and Friends:

The Asperger’s Association of New England is changing its name to the Asperger/Autism Network.

While we are keeping the AANE acronym, we are evolving to meet changes in the diagnostic environment and to acknowledge our expansive reach beyond New England. We will continue to serve our community, including individuals with Asperger Syndrome and similar Autism Spectrum profiles.

The new name will ensure that people who need AANE’s services and support will be able to find the organization – regardless of where they live or what diagnosis they receive under the new DSM-5 guidelines.

To complement our name change, AANE has created a new look to position the organization for the future. You will notice many of these exciting changes in the coming months.

Though our name has transitioned, our commitment to our mission remains the same: We will work with individuals, families, and professionals to empower people with Asperger Syndrome and similar Autism Spectrum profiles to build meaningful connected lives. We do this by providing information, education, community, support, and advocacy, all in an atmosphere of validation and respect.

We are excited about our new look and how it supports our position as worldwide leaders for the Asperger/Autism community. Everyone at AANE looks forward to working with you.

Thank you.

Dania Jekel

John Lennon (October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980) would have been 74 years old today! :-(

Still greatly missed. His music still shines on!

Coming back in 2016 on Showtime for a 9 episode run! There might be more episodes! Enjoy your damn fine cherry pies now!

The Showtime Announcement

Meanwhile, get the Blu-ray Box set and watch!!!

Also, enjoy some damn fine black coffee

And don’t forget the final scene from the TV series


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